Research Board

The Research Board is a standing committee that was established to promotion, regulation, and monitoring of the research activities undertaken by members of CRC.

It is responsible for:

  •  Developing CRC research strategic plan and research priority areas and sets;
  •  Monitoring the research performance in CRC;
  •  Recommending the allocation of capital in the research funds;
  •  Taking decisions on the funding of research projects through Intramural Grants based on scientific review and merit.

Abdollahi, Alireza


Mahdi Aghili

Amanpour, Saeid


Associate Professor

Mirzania, Mehrzad

Sadighi, Sanambar

Safaei, Seyed Reza

Shahsiah, Reza

Shahriaran, Shahriar

Shirkoohi, Reza